sledding actors

Collective annual for artistic staff




16:04 H


First, the Intendant, and then the Theater Council, made a decision on a collective annual leave for the artistic members of the VKP for 10 days, or until the snow falls on the popular Zagreb toboggan run.

As the decision to set up a traditional toboggan run on Cmrok, as every year, was insisted on, as no pandemic, and later none of the hundreds of earthquakes, influenced the reconsideration of the beautiful and sports-inspired initiative to give it up, managed to open and the inhabitants of the metropolis rushed to Cmrok, which only confirmed the correctness and ingenuity of the said initiative.
This enables our employees to consume it for a minimum of ten days. The only obligation of the theater’s artistic staff is to publish a photo selfie in the action of sledding every day on social networks. This initiative serves to relax the difficult mental state of the collective, encourage physical activity and reflect on the first pre-election lobbying. Namely, it is important to emphasize that the current administration has overcome all these challenges and provided beautiful and timely winter joys for the purpose of even better life in our metropolis. They emphasized that, if necessary, they will bring snow with trucks from Slovenia and Austria, because our metropolis deserves it. And there is a ridge cable car that can also be used to bring snow from Medvednica. Skiers would drive uphill, while snow would be transported downhill to Cmrok.