The initiative proved to be a complete failure!

Giving up the first Korona theater in the world!




16:20 H


Virtual Theater of Change is giving up on the international Kovid Theater initiative.

After inviting all Covid 19 survivors to apply for the first Corona Free Theater and inviting his Covid 19 audience to purchase their annual subscription to the future theater’s unique repertoire and watch their five plays until the end of the epidemic, the Quartermaster gave up .
Virtual theater of change can in no way guarantee national epidemiologists for completely safe theater and adherence to all prescribed measures and recommendations. It is also a question of mauvers, purchased Covid certificates and mumbling artistic staff to be in that theater Kovid team, the Intendant assessed the initiative as a technical failure, but also an artistic demode attempt.

Virtual theater of change thus guarantees to all future subscribers the technical security of all contents and their artistic insecurity in the desire for independent thinking, the development of virtual perception and a healthy spirit, and spirit, perhaps!