Annual horoscope for theater staff

Horoscope for 2021.




16:26 H


The shaman reveals how favored the stars are for employees in the coming year. Exclusively for VKP employees.

Oak – from March 21 to 20 April

The roots will grow deep, perhaps deeper than ever.

Crow – from April 20 to May 21st

The winds from the south should be watched.

Weirdo – from May 22 to 21 June

Stay away from civilization, that is your key to success!

Mermaid – from June 22 to July 23rd

You will dive into the source of your potential.

Rescuers – from 24. July to 22. August

Whoever asks you does not wander.

Thread – from August 23 to 22 September

More than ever needed by humanity!

Fountain – from 23. September to 23. October

Focus on producing and expelling negative thoughts.

Dolphin – from 24. October to 22. November

The old one is valid for you, “whoever wounds early, grabs two breaths”.

Shadow – from November 22 to 21 December

“Whoever digs a pit under another falls into it himself”

Spotlight – from 22. December to 20. January

Wherever you go carry the Sun in the palm of your hand.

Frog – from 21. January to 19. February

Let your intuition guide you.

Divers – from 20. February to 20. March

The power of communication is your creative center.

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