And how our esteemed quartet reacted





16:12 H


Our first performance this year raised the whole audience to its feet after the first bars of this popular music competition in which all the brave and courageous from all over the world participate.

The jury, as well as the audience, was delighted with this solo / duet, and Davor Milanović even admitted that for him such a performance was a clean ten.

“God! This was very unique! You are a beautiful, amazing singer in which a young woman is trapped”, Davor was delighted, while Mirjana pointed out that she wanted to hear something different and special, and that this solo / duet is now he provided it.

“You were completely brilliant,” said Mirjana.

Although the first solo / duet did not receive the so-called “golden button”, which would take him directly to the finals, he passed to the next phase of the competition thanks to the votes of the audience.