At last night's gala premiere, we attended a masterful performance by a young rising star. Reinforcement puts HeeNKe at the top of the domestic theater scene. Original, authentic, impossible.

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11:52 H


Have you ever been challenged in your life to touch your elbow with your mouth, if you can?

At the last premiere played at HeeNKe, albeit in front of an empty auditorium, we were able to witness the magic of theater breaking through all the laws of the material world. Regardless of the luxury and finances spent on this project, HeeNK’s ensemble once again confirms that theater is an art of the spirit. So let’s start from the beginning, since the new reinforcement Duda Lakat came into the ranks of HeeNKe, the whole ensemble has adapted to the new energy which with the help of incredible talent has established itself as the new leading artistic authority in the ensemble.

The actress of incredible talent brings the rest of the ensemble to the brink of uncertainty, everyone plays as if for the first time, as if they really don’t know what’s next. Namely, already in the first part of the play, in one of the central scenes leading to the climax of the first act, the actors’ charge of the performance was abruptly interrupted by the strong acting appearance of Duda Lakat on stage. In the maestro’s directorial concept, all the important moments from the play are sharply interrupted by the appearance of the youngest newly hired champion. The highlight of the play In a Moment of Inspiration, she honored us with an impossible artistic exhibition. An unprecedented acting gesture that resists all the rules of physics and common sense.

Something like this could only be performed by a person of distinctive talent, an amazing acting personality. A moment to remember, which definitely goes into the annals of the home theater. The artist, associating with Michelangelo’s painting, performed a work of even more masterful size – the audience looks and does not believe, and Duda Lakat duda lakat.

For the Virtual Theater of Change, GK