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Pale I In The World Moved To VKP!




16:36 H


Today at 10 a.m. at a press conference held in front of the VKP Building, Pale Sam Na Svijetu stated that he was currently moving his address to the VKP Building. “At least I won’t be alone there,” he said, adding that he would contribute directly to the work and full support to the Virtual Theater of Change directly from the Building. When asked by journalists whether his actions were politically motivated, he completely denied the allegation of the person in question. Until 9 pm, his example will be followed by Petar Pan, Trnoružica, Sova from Bambi, Štikla from Cinderella and Vreća od Mačka. An even larger number of VKP supporters are expected by midnight.

The union is currently working on reorganizing the accommodation capacity in the building and at the next session will announce the plan and work schedule, rehearsal space and how to apply for filming on virtual scenes, house rules and peace, and appoint theater wardens who will ensure that good , almost “crazy” atmosphere 24/7.

When asked by journalists that the mentioned method seems a bit frivolous, the Quartermaster answered briefly that they are employees of the Puppet Theater! -sightly disturbed by the question in question.