Due to the whistleblower additional security measures in the theater

Quartermaster looking for a theater whistle !!!




16:33 H


The affair that has shaken the theater in recent days is gaining a new dimension. Both the Theater Council, the Intendant and the Minister himself unequivocally point to the existence of whistleblowers in the theater in their statements. All statements strongly underline the incorrectness, non-collegiality and immorality of the person who addressed the media with information about the theater’s operations.
If we start from the very beginning, it is known that the theater portal received information about the non-transparent spending of money intended for the renovation of wardrobes, hallways and toilets. This information came on a dropper but unequivocally and clearly on several occasions. The Theater Council adopted the conversion of these funds for the purpose of procuring protective movable parking poles with a built-in alarm and third-generation cameras to equip parking lots in front of the theater used by the Intendant and several of his closest associates. After voting on the order for the mentioned parking poles, the janitor and the firefighter physically fought in front of the room where the Theater Council met. The “fight” ended that both were taken to the hospital with head injuries and destroyed uniforms. The firefighter then refused to return to work while the janitor sought legal assistance from the theater union.
The absurdity does not end here, because the Intendant took several thousand kunas out of the theater box office on account of the destroyed uniforms and bought several expensive suits for himself privately. He didn’t even try to cover up his act, but spent days wandering around the corridors of the theater.
And finally, when the ordered poles were delivered, all members of the Theater Council made a decision on an additional order for their parking spaces because the poles can be personalized, given a certain color and music, and programmed to talk to superiors.

I Finally, as the whistleblower appeared in the theater, the Quartermaster decided to introduce additional security measures and install a special truth detector from the same manufacturer at the official entrance to the theater.