It is giving up the established practice!

Regular vaccination against influenza




16:34 H


Although members of the VKP ensemble have been vaccinated against the flu for years in November, due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the lack of vaccines, the established practice is being abandoned.
Several champions and prominent members of the ensemble have publicly spoken out in front of colleagues with the fact that they are all members of the puppet and are resistant to all types and forms of the virus and thus do not need flu vaccination. The question has been asked why they have been vaccinated every year against viruses and never against worms, although no cases of developed immunity and a sufficient number of antibodies have been recorded against them so far.
As the lack of vaccine for the population is evident, this year the members of the VKP ensemble leave their doses of vaccine to colleagues from other theaters, while insisting on the purchase of Fungicide, a garlic-based worm that has been proven to release all attacked particles in 24 hours.
Also, considering the formalization of this need, this tool is included in the list of necessary products of Public Procurement for 2021. year, says the champion of the VKP, Svebor Dolezal.