Mood swings in VKP

The intendant gave up! So he came back.




16:36 H


The quarrel and the physical confrontation between the Quartermaster and the Graphic Designer were the cause of the interruption of the cultural production of the VKP that took place in the Building last Friday. “At around 11 o’clock from the Intendant’s Office, I heard a loud discussion between the Chief and the designer, after which there was a general chase, which was witnessed by the Employees and their Associates who were in the Building at that time.” – said the secretary of the Quartermaster.

It is learned that the cause of the quarrel is the disagreement between the two actors of the unpleasant event regarding the final visual conceptual solution of the identity of the Theater’s logo. The Graphic Designer pulled out the thick end and was left without two threads that were soon sewn back to him (with the quick intervention of the Puppet Technologist). We find out that he feels good after the procedure. After escalating on Friday, the Quartermaster returned to work on Tuesday carrying a homemade apple strudel to fellow Graphic Designer as a sign of apology and reconciliation. It is not yet known what the final visual conceptual design of the identity of the Theater logo will look like.

“It looked like a Tasmanian monster was roaming the theater.” – said the Theater Whisperer, visibly shaken by the situation whose statement we caught on the spot.