spider versus cleg

Cleg versus spider




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The prosom have 6 to 8 simple eyes and 4 pairs of walking legs. The male is usually much smaller than the female, which, after copulation, usually eats it. They feed on various insects that they catch in webs woven from cobwebs. <They look like big flies. Their wings are large and strong, their heads round, their eyes large and composed, their tentacles short. Females suck the blood of cattle and humans, and males feed on flower juices.

Due to the strong jaw and firm sting of this small insect, the sting is quite painful and immediately noticeable, and the small hooks with which the bead grabs the skin will also cause itching. Obads carry a certain amount of histamine in their glands, which is why human skin reacts with local inflammation or redness at the injection site during the sting, and the symptoms usually pass within a few days. The bite of an ordinary spider is usually harmless. In fact, many bites from other insects and even skin infections are attributed to spider bites. Only a few species of spiders have fangs long enough to penetrate human skin and release venom strong enough to seriously affect human health.