Not an easy task fell into the hands of our Executive Board

Publication of the results of the first public call of the VKP




14:12 H


Authors residing in the Republic of Croatia could apply for this competition, and the submitted texts had to consist of a minimum of 5 acts.

A link to the remaining call details can be found here;

As of 15. February until 23:59, to the address six texts from a total of three authors arrived, and one text arrived outside the application deadline.

The Executive Board of the VKP; Leo Vukelić, Matija Kezele and Kristian Moguš, in selecting the winning text, especially evaluated three categories; the actuality of the theme, the animation potential (characters and the storyline) and clear dramaturgical structure of the play.

We hereby publish a review of the selected text “Striped”, author Silvija Šesto.

The text “Striped” talks about the present from the point of view of a toy that they marked as “goods with a mistake”. Striped and the characters who share her destiny are on the back shelf of a store and they are the main characters of this story. This piece is based on the theme of social prejudices and differences of an individual who does not fit into the mass, and yet is an indispensable part of every community. The text offers a rich elaboration of the characters and the possibility of their animation in the technical framework of the Virtual Theater of Change. Although written for the youngest audience, we believe that the newly created virtual material based on this selected text will also attract viewers of other age groups.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who submitted their works and thus participated in the first public call published by the newly established Virtual Theater of Change, and we hope that in the near future we will have the production conditions to work with all of you.