Duda Lakat in a new adventure

Non-cultural program VKP and Duda Lakat in the episode CRISIS




12:20 H


As the sparrows on the branch already know, Duda Lakat is one of the most influential figures in domestic theatre, and with her performances, she has laid the foundation for a new domestic non-cultural scene.

Composed of art diary entries from her profile, the cycle of the show “ From the archives of the Croatian proactive ”Provides deeper insight into the personality and career of Dude Lakat, and in front of you is the fourth edition of this mega-popular show.

CRISIS in an almost tragic way gives a look into the dramatically deep, but also a human component of the artistic genius Duda Lakat. At the peak of her career, the actress is experiencing the biggest creative crisis, which is a reminder but also a relief for the little man that it is not easy even for greats. In fact, it may be even harder for them. So let’s see!