the main culprits for top-notch entertainment


Mrs. Lighting

She intervenes in the play, her essence of being being the key in creating the lock of the play.

It brings light into the darkness, can be modulated, changed and adjusted depending on the needs of the performance content. It is often the key cell of catharsis.

Employee deposit repayment recorder

The Theater creates, monitors, checks and coordinates all the obligations of employees, and the Employment Fund (FZZ) serves the purpose of hiring even more employees in the profession.

Just like the Quartermaster loves the Snow. His favorite verse is "Everything is covered in snow, today is a holiday"

Motivated and proactive collaborator


but also the people, and union members.

Always on the alert, a voice that is heard far away, they never give up, but they have no chance.

Sometimes they fake because they do not take therapy in the evening, as prescribed by their theater doctor.

International Champion of Opera, spec. for Balkan melodies

Born in Reasons, created for Pathos


In the 17th century, he was in charge of speeches of praise to high guests and a ceremonial speech for the purpose of the piece that viewers will watch

Today he is in charge of PR activities, social networks and public relations


An inexhaustible source of comic and tragic actions

It is a misunderstanding that leads to the climax of a comic and / or tragic situation

Digital nomad

He works from home, and home is where the heart is.

Although it seems easy, his profession requires perfect organization and management of his self.

He is never in the Building, so he is one of the most favorite employees of the VKP, he does not put pressure on anyone with his appearance


Little is known about how every theater has its Firefighter, much less that in most cases the Firefighter is just like the Cleaner the soul of the theater. He pays attention to order, work and discipline, but he mostly puts out fires in the Building.

He has always been there and actually spends his life behind or around the boards that mean life and follow the development of business, actors and other employees in the theater. Always ready to tell a good joke.

Employed as part of the measure of preserving old crafts and theater occupations within the fund of the Puppet Union of the Planet - LUP.

Cleaner Željko

You always want to be on good terms with Željko. She knows everything. Who whom, when and where. He knows everything about your families.

He learns information in close contact with employees or well-heard ears while arranging the social premises of the Building.

Loves chocolate with almonds and blue envelopes, No bows!


Responsible for performing the play as conceived by the director. Familiar with every technical detail inside and outside the Building.

It has threads for business.

Employed as part of the measure of preserving old crafts and theater occupations within the fund of the Puppet Union of the Planet - PUP.