the main culprits for top-notch entertainment


Two virtual BARDS

BARD left with tongue; Mate Babić, a prominent virtualologist, holds a doctorate in theater, a person from the people, prone to a good drop and quick on the tongue.

BARD right with teeth; Dinko Domjanić, a prominent virtualist, self-taught, comes from theatrical amateurism, willing to help for his own interests, slow to understand, but fair.

Mr. Stjepan Roncevic

Theatrical mouse, does not act and does not communicate with the rest of the Ensemble. He has shown himself in roles for children and young people, but he has not played for 12 years.

He may twitch a little in virtual space and on virtual stages. He lives in the toilet on the second floor.

Karmela Stiskalov, prima ballerina

Through years of working on stage, Karmela is getting better and better, not only in the grace of the movement and the idea of ​​ballet, but also in the choreography that she leaves to no one. She creates everything herself, carries a strong physical aura and does not lag behind the world stages.

In her spare time, she runs Pilates and yoga for theater staff and study trips to India and Nepal.

On Mondays at 6pm she reports to the fans, signs and shares ballet slippers!

Sebastian the Great

After the unforgettable success of Ivica and Marica, Mr. Sebastian never reached such stellar moments again. He also became famous as a concertmaster, but he is the most reliable as a theatrical whisperer.

Under the stage, every Wednesday he organizes a gathering of the ensemble in a group of ghosts.

In his spare time he trades in incense.

Stevan Kojic

Stevan Kojić has been waiting for his role since 1991, on a salary, but no one wants to take him into division. Over the years, it has taken on that old-fashioned smell and no longer brushes its teeth. Dust has gathered between his thorns and awaits better times.

He propagates unity and equality, but since he is a minority, mostly no one hears his intrusions.

It has been offered as a reward at ceremonies for several years. The quartermaster hired a historical adviser in a desire to resolve his written problem. The carpenters refuse to make him a new pedestal with an inscription in Latin.

Katarina and Danijela Matić

The celebrated champions of the VKP drama, Katarina and Danijela, gained their fame with their roles in Chekhov's play "Three Sisters". As they experienced a recent tragedy in real life, losing their own sister, Barbara, the play was removed from the theater's repertoire.

Today, sisters Katarina and Danijela are planning to recreate the aforementioned play where they would perform Barbara hologramically.

Barbara fell from the closet, back in the spring of 2020, due to an earthquake and fell apart into hundreds of pieces. We failed to glue it together.

Vanda Horvat

When you are no longer sure how to finish the play, how to create that step further, the theatrical hen Vanda comes and everything unravels.

She became famous before her engagement in VKP with a role or an attempt to play a role at DLJI or DLJF, but due to her innate avant-garde, she remained banned, unfinished and sought happiness with us.

Find it in VKP performances and you will fulfill the first precondition for participating in the Theater Quiz Quiz.

Valentina Nikolic, actress

A new colleague in our ensemble, at the very beginning, became famous for the role of Snow White in the search for Zagreb craftsmen.

She loves fur from Nerc but also from Kuna, ready to leave her role on stage to the other, escort escort.

In the winter months depressed, because there are not enough days to show all your luxury wardrobe.

Žarna Flop, accountant

Ms. Žarna, originally from Poland, comes to our team after many years of work in education and becomes the head of accounting. In the corridors of the theater they call her "Intendantica" in a whisper.

She is cute and tidy, and there is no answer to every question she is asked.

She doesn't understand much about theater, she likes union trips. He calculates the minimum wages properly because he simply does not like wasting money.

Monsignor don Bernardic, Zoran

He never gave up fighting windmills.

Since coming to our ensemble, he propagates togetherness and well-being, advocates for love, does not say much but when he says something, it hits the very heart of the human soul.

He became famous for his annual Christmas messages and travel arrangements to Gardenland.