the main culprits for top-notch entertainment



Employee deposit repayment recorder

Arf-40, academic actor and musician

HZSU member, irregularly engaged and underpaid in cleaning, liberal, animal lover, eats meat only if offered, naively optimistic, sensitive, both lonely and social at the same time, passionate scholar of philosophy and poetry, religious, initiated into the Soto Zen Buddhist school.

He owes his blue appearance to his grandfather Magnus, a Dane who came to Croatia out of love for his grandmother Maria from Copenhagen.

Čisto-34, visual artist (new media)

A member of HDDU, Arf's girlfriend, regularly engaged in cleaning, runs art workshops, enterprising, biophilically oriented, writes haiku.

He owes his dark complexion and slender line to his grandmother Hillary, a native of Jamaica who came to study in what was then Yugoslavia, a friendly non-aligned country.

Ajax-38, B.Sc.

Graduate architect, set designer, film director, gallery manager.

Arf’s close friend, cultural visionary, prone to good time, alcohol and women, leftist who despises salon leftism, activist.


He became famous for his roles as Obedient, Godfather, Bodyguard and Uncle.

He has a twin brother who works in the Public Procurement Theater.

Mr. HE and Mrs. SHE

In theater since its beginnings in the drama studio, love has been born on the boards that life knows. Married for over 20 years.

Theater giants known for several notable roles, founders and winners of the first virtual award "Golden Nebula" for their virtual acting achievements.

Known for their unique transformations, masks, characters and faces. HE, although he loves mustaches, almost never wears them, and SHE shows her femininity with her voice and not her stature.


Theatrical Shaman.

Gata from coffee, throws bones, fights spells, alcohol and bad reviews.

For years, he refused an employment contract for an indefinite period. Commissioner of Theater for Camping and Traveling in the Netherlands.


World, and ours! Always present in all parts of the Theater and Virtual World Building tvz VS.

He loves to eat peanuts, and especially loves the winter season and the Snow.

In his free time, he secretly listens to popular Croatian music and entertaining TV shows.

Puppet technologist

Diligent, hardworking and reliable, always at hand and ready to help.

It is guided by the proverb "Carpe diem".

He has been working in the theater since 1991.