something for godparents as well

Public procurement

Public procurement is an interesting form of the social game Monopoly developed in capitalist society 20. and the 21st century especially if you play this game in Croatia.

In that game, everything is regulated by law, and law as law would not be interesting if it cannot be outlawed. Find a hole or bypass The law of the forerunner is patented in Croatia, and the rules of the game are understood only by privileged (read selected) players.

VKP landed behind the scenes of Public Procurement and was the first in the Republic to make a decision on the Public Transparent Act of Public Procurement.

VKP Public Procurement Management Board: 1. Quartermaster and his sister, 2. Shaman, 3. Ms. She or Mr. He-depending on the month, 4. Godfather of the National Champion of Opera No. 7, 5. His brother Stanislav and his relatives, 15. Neighbor from the Technical Director, 16. His belonging relatives, 18. Snake from the Garden, 19. A friend of Petar Klepac, 20. Mayor of Ševala, 21. Public Procurement Guest – star of the month (someone with a lot of money), 22. Some there, 23. Casual passers-by, 46. Suppliers, 47. Bidders and others.

We ask Godparents and other persons close to the members of the Board of Directors to contact their contacts privately, and the remaining persons to contact the official waiting list.

And don’t forget, Public Procurement is just a game where only the resourceful survive.