truth, lie, art and fraud

Opera, Drama, Ballet

Tenants 11 C are a wonder in our little world. They walk the earth and their big and hungry eyes insatiably reach for the desired thing. Leaning their ears on everything that surrounds them only bothers them how to get there, they are our eternal fear on a small side road through a hidden paradise.
Theatrical quizzes have come of age everywhere in the world. It’s never too late to test your knowledge, so play!
The interpretation of our ARF poetry by Marko Pogačar arouses all emotions!
The earthquake is happening to us, not someone else. Our friends and colleagues from the city on the four rivers are very close to the epicenter!
Our old-fashioned hero in the right episode before the real temptation.
Theatrical quizzes came up to anniversary, twentieth question. And since Kvizdarije on Wednesday is our program from the first virtual steps of VKP, then we also entered the 20th week of broadcasting. And since every respectable knowledge quiz, such as ours, has more questions, we do not give up, but question your theatrical knowledge Wednesday.
Autoanalysis and psychoanalysis or some of the analysis is good today.