says the master to the apprentice!

Technical details

In order to create your own virtual theater, there are a lot of must-have points, some of them can be points and some of them I want to point to. We are not negative here, but we assume that this procedure is not very simple and that rarely anyone can. eager for a special challenge at the end, uh, at the beginning of the 21st century.

1. You definitely have to be very talented in all the media we encounter in the theater, um, like the way we are. This implies a good knowledge of cultural policies, all active and relevant godparents and some luck.

2. Furthermore, you need to know what is behind the curtain, under the stage and on the other side of the ramp. Because every ensemble is full of backstage games, subterfuges, pushing in the penalty area and pinching under the water line. And, to start one, somewhat more serious theater, you have to hire more actors and actresses of different age groups to form an ensemble. Of course, such a thing can work in public transport as well, but for the stage, some average balance is needed.

3. You must always be awake, because as the saying goes, the devil never sleeps! This folk proverb, believe me, comes right from the theater. Out of the need to have as many public performances and guest appearances as possible, you must definitely listen well to either your audience or the organizers and never overlook the opportunity to perform your show again. Because quality and price are not important, lamb under the oven with which you treated your host is important.

Well, when you have secured the conditions in the above 3 points, we come to an easier and more comfortable part of the job. That’s all you can do.

4. You can certainly read a few news items that you find on various online portals every day, um, if you are on the road, you will have enough of those few (5) minutes of radio news. Because they are an inexhaustible source of information and human dramas, operas and ballets, an inexhaustible source of comedies, tragedies, games, and above all, and most importantly, parody. And that’s it. You just need to shape them somehow, and virtual theater has an endless square footage of stages for all genres and all ages.

5. Well, if it is possible, and we believe it is, and you have come to this step towards a final decision, you are certainly able to choose your Quartermaster fairly and measuredly. Because when you choose him, he becomes you, that is, he becomes important, and you become unimportant, from the beginning of the decision, and you no longer. He works, and you rest, he points his finger and hits the table with his fist! Yes, he godparents with godparents, you don’t need that!

6. And now, of course, you want it, because after a virtual working day, there is a virtual theater night, and it is magical.